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Waterford Kamhlaba, Mbabane - On 14 October 2019, Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA will be hosting 20 universities, high schools and other organizations from around the world in Mbabane, for the International University Fair. This is a unique opportunity for students, teachers, parents and schools to meet and interact 1-on-1 with representatives of these institutions, and get first hand information on applying to America, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands and others; and getting access to scholarships and financial aid. These are the universities who will be attending the fair:


  1. University of Wisconsin - USA

  2. Rice University - USA

  3. Bucknell College - USA

  4. Rochester University - USA

  5. Jacobs University - Germany

  6. The University for Creative Careers (SCAD) - USA

  7. African Leadership University - Mauritius / Rwanda

  8. College of the Atlantic - USA

  9. Wesleyan University - USA

  10. Franklin and Marshall College

  11. Bates College - USA

  12. Middlebury College - USA

  13. University College Roosevelt - USA

  14. Orbelin college - USA

  15. University College Roosevelt - USA

  16. Minerva Schools at KGI - USA

  17. Universidad de Navarra - Spain

  18. Davidson College - USA

  19. École hôtelière de Lausanne - Switzerland

  20. Stony Brook University - USA



  1. Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA - IB Program, Eswatini

  2. United World College of East Africa - IB Program, Tanzania

  3. Nova Pioneer Academies - Independent, South Africa / Kenya

  4. Aga Khan Academies - IB Program, Global

  5. African Science Academy - A Levels, Ghana



  1. Imagine Scholar - South Africa

  2. The Knowledge Institute - Eswatini


This fair will be held at Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA in Mbabane, starting at 3pm. Although attending this fair is free, RSVP is essential to  be added to the attendance list. All schools, individuals, organizations and government officials who would like to attend must send confirmation of attendance plus number of people coming to by Thursday, 10 October 2019.

Benefits of attending include:

  • Meeting representatives of universities across the world and getting information on their entry requirements, academic offerings, application process for Eswatini based students, availability of financial aid, and a sense of the student life and student experience for international students.

  • Meeting representatives of international schools that offer a globally competitive high school program which offers entry into international universities, often with financial aid

  • Meeting access organizations that help students get information and counselling on applying to these universities and pre-university programs

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