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Deadline: 31 March 2021 (submit to Taiwan Embassy in Mbabane)

These guidelines are stipulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the implementation of the Taiwan Scholarship Program (hereinafter the “Scholarship”), which aims to encourage outstanding international students to study in Taiwan, as well as to promote bilateral exchanges and friendship between the peoples of Taiwan and its diplomatic allies. These guidelines are not applicable to students from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Scholarship is, in principle, granted to students from countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan including Eswatini. However, special consideration may also be given to students from other countries.

I. Programs

  1. The pre-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP): Recipients may take the LEP for a maximum of one year at Mandarin-teaching institutions (hereinafter “Mandarin Training Centers”) affiliated with a university or college accredited by the Ministry of Education.

  2. Degree programs: Recipients may apply for admission to any degree program leading to an undergraduate, master or doctoral degree, excluding in-service programs.

II. The award period

  1. Pre-degree LEP: one year.

  2. Degree programs:(1) Undergraduate program: four years maximum (2) Master's program: two years maximum (3) Doctoral program: four years maximum

Award periods must be continuous, with no breaks, and cannot exceed a total of five years.

III. Financial Assistance

Scholarship recipients will be given a monthly stipend of NT$25,000 for the LEP and NT$30,000 for degree programs. Recipients are responsible for all expenses during their stay in Taiwan. MOFA will not provide any other subsidies. MOFA will, however, provide recipients with one-way, economy-class plane tickets for direct flights to and from Taiwan.

Universities and colleges may offer Scholarship recipients reduced tuition and miscellaneous fees.

The above paragraph is not applicable to recipients of the pre-degree Huayu (Mandarin) Enrichment Scholarship who began receiving stipends before these guidelines took effect. Such recipients will continue to be paid the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship in accordance with the original regulations up until the end of the award period.

IV. Eligibility

  1. Is a citizen of Eswatini

  2. Is a high school graduate or above with an excellent academic record, of good moral character and has no criminal record.

  3. Has never attended an educational institution in Taiwan at the same level of degree or LEP that he/she intends to apply for.

  4. Has not previously had a Scholarship revoked by an ROC government agency or other relevant institution.

IV. Applying for University Admission

All applicants, please note that this scholarship does not have a pre-approved list of universities and courses - you have to do your own research and apply independently. This research can be done on WWW.STUDYINTAIWAN.ORG. This website contains a lot of useful information that anyone applying to Taiwan should know and use.

Contact person: Ms. Lin, Ying-shan

Tel: +886-2-2882-4564 ext.2396

Fax: +886-2-8861-3491

Official scholarship website:

Application guidelines:

Application Form:

Download PDF • 236KB

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