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Welcome to this new STUDY IN ESWATINI section of The Knowledge Institute's weekly feature, dedicated to opportunities for studying locally, which we strongly encourage students to consider as they chart their academic journeys. Here, we will cover the following: local universities, colleges and pre-university programs (A levels), vocational programs and other academic enrichment opportunities. We would like to advise our readers that while studying abroad is an aspiration held by many, studying locally is still a strong stepping stone that should not be taken for granted. Most of the scholars chosen for Fulbright, Chevening, Commonwealth masters scholarships annually obtained their first degrees at local institutions.

Eswatini’s tertiary applications season has fully opened, with all 11 colleges and universities that are eligible for the Government of Eswatini's Pre-Service Tertiary Education Unit (PTET), called the PTET Study Loan program, and as listed on the 2016 - 2020 Government of Eswatini Priority List 2016 - 2020 programs, are currently accepting applications. Here are the deadlines to apply:

  1. University of Eswatini - 26 March 2021

  2. Southern African Nazarene University - 31 March 2021

  3. Eswatini Christian Medical University - 3 April 2021

  4. Limkokwing College -

  5. Eswatini College of Technology - 31 March 2020

  6. William Pitcher College - 31 March 2021

  7. RSTP Advanced School of Technology - 9 April 2021

  8. Gwamile Voctim - 31 March 2021

  9. Ngwane Teachers College - 18 March 2021

  10. Good Shepherd College of Nursing - 19 March 2021

  11. Emergency Medical Rescue College - 31 July 2021

You can find all the prospectus, application forms, application fees, and application links on, and it will be updated daily / weekly as new information is made available by the institutions. Please whatsapp TKI 76260618 or email for assistance.

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