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DEADLINE: 23 October 2021

Education is the most powerful energy to build the future of our children and the Galp Foundation in Eswatini wants to help the country in this mission. As a way to acknowledge the merit and talent of young students, and to support their families, the Galp Foundation is now launching an Education Support Scholarship Programme.


As part of its social intervention strategy, the Galp Foundation has, as its main pillar, investment in education and knowledge, as both are seen by the Foundation as structural and essential areas for the development of any community. With the aim of enabling high-potential young people without the necessary economic resources to continue their studies, the Foundation, valuing educational achievement, and to encourage them in their chosen course of study, created the "Education Support Scholarship Programme, aimed at young students residing in Galp Communities (as defined below) who are, or will be attending Higher Education.

The Foundation, within the scope of the General Programme, and with a view to awarding public higher education scholarships to students residing in Galp Communities who complete secondary school with high grades, launched the "Education Support Scholarship Programme - Higher Education".


The Scholarship will comprise:

a) The amount equivalent to the tuition fees for the course in which the scholarship holder was admitted up to the limit of EUR 1,100 (one thousand one hundred euros) or E20 000 (twenty thousand Swazi lilangeni) per year, depending on the exchange rate.

b) If the value of the scholarship holder's tuition is less than total value of the scholarship, the scholarship holder will receive the remaining value for an amount equivalent to the difference between the tuition fees and EUR 1,100 (one thousand one hundred euros) or E20 000, depending on the exchange rate.

Unless the Foundation decides otherwise in the specific case, the scholarship holder must share with the Foundation proof of payment of the tuition fees for the academic year in question. The Scholarships shall have a duration of one year and may be renewable in accordance with Article 11 of the articles.

The scholarship holder undertakes to participate in three (3) annual initiatives promoted by the Foundation, namely networking events and academic-professional orientation sessions, among other initiatives.

A "Galp" mentor, who will be an employee of the Galp Group, will be assigned to each scholarship holder, with the purpose of monitoring the scholarship holder throughout the Scholarship period, helping him/her to integrate and encouraging him/her to overcome any obstacles to his/her academic success.


Students may apply for the Higher Education Scholarship Programme if they meet all of the following requirements:

  1. resident in Eswatini;

  2. aged 17 (seventeen) or above, up to a maximum of 23 (twenty-three) years old, on 31 December 2021;

  3. first-time applicants to public Higher Education with a High school average no lower than 38 points;

  4. enrolled in an undergraduate course at a public university (including integrated master's degrees) in a legally recognised Higher Education Institute in Eswatini and with a duly accredited and registered course of study;

  5. valid enrolment in credits for the respective academic year;

  6. are part of a Household residing in a Galp Community;


If you think this support can be a good help for your child to pursue his/her studies and dreams, apply to: or hand deliver your application documents at Galp Eswatini Matsapha. Applications are open until October 23 and the programme is for young people entering university for the first time.

In addition to the application form, applicants must also send or hand deliver the following documents with the application form:

a) Certificate of completion of High school, containing final grades by subject;

b) Statement from the institution of higher education where the applicant is enrolled with the name of the course in which he/she is enrolled, the list of subjects in which he/she enrolled as well as the grade that allowed applicants access and enrolment to that course;

c) Statement from the higher education institution where the applicant is enrolled, stating the annual tuition fee;

d) Proof of the household’s place of residence;

e) Motivation letter, that should include:

  • Explanation of the applicant’s family economic status and the extent of need for the scholarship;

  • Profession of the applicant or applicant’s parents or guardians;

  • Number of dependents under full responsibility of the applicant or applicant’s parents or guardians;

f) Documents that the applicant considers relevant to fully clarify his/her qualifications and objectives, namely reference letters.


Scholarships will be awarded according to the Foundation's selection. The selection criteria shall take into account, inter alia, the following aspects:

a) The Household’s economic situation;

b) Form 5 and or high school grade averages;

c) Application grade for the Higher Education course in which the student was accepted;

d) Distance from the applicant's area of residence and the higher education institution;

e) Motivation letter.

Once the eligibility criteria have been checked, students in the most disadvantaged socio-economic conditions will be given priority, followed by criteria of merit, including secondary school grade average, geographical distance from where the student lives to the Higher Education Institution, and motivational letter.

ESW_Scholarship Regulations-Galp Foundation_2021_2022_revfinal
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ESW_Scholarship Application Form-Galp Foundation_20201104
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