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The African Science Academy (ASA) is a girls-only Advanced Level school for maths and science founded by African Gifted Foundation. Established in 2016, ASA is a boarding school for young women from across Africa with outstanding maths and science potential.

In just one academic year, ASA students complete globally respected Cambridge International A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. ASA also provides our students with robotics and computer science programmes alongside their A-Levels to prepare them for careers in Engineering, Science, Computing and more. Means-tested scholarships and bursaries are available to all students.


ASA prepares students to achieve internationally recognized Cambridge International Advanced Level Qualifications within a single year. ASA supports students to go on to study Engineering, Computer Science, Maths and Science courses at universities within Africa and abroad.

All students study A Level Maths, Further Maths and Physics. It is important to emphasise that ASA students must love Maths; the curriculum is extremely rewarding for those who enjoy abstract Maths and complex problem solving tasks.

All students at ASA are given the means and support to excel. ASA is a springboard to outstanding success at university and beyond.

Extracurricular Program

Activities include community service, robotics, sports and board games. A guest speaker program ensures that every week students enjoy interactive lectures with leading experts from Africa, UK, USA and around the world. ASA also organises school trips to enrich students’ learning.


ASA is searching for excellence. Therefore, no student that is selected will be turned away because they cannot afford fees. ASA encourages applications from promising young scientists whatever their financial circumstances. ASA provides needs-based scholarships to all of our students to cover tuition fees and boarding costs.


Students admitted to African Science Academy are typically between 16-19 years old, female, and from any African country. You will:

  • need to have completed your Senior Secondary School Certificate, iGCSEs, O-Levels or equivalent by July 2024.

  • have studied Physics, Maths and elective Maths at secondary school and have excellent predicted grades in these subjects.

  • be fluent in the English language

  • have a passion for learning


Complete an application form. You can complete the form online. Send us your completed form and additional documents by 31st January 2024. This includes school transcripts from the last six terms, any recent national examination certificate (such as BECE or O-Levels) and a recent passport style photo of yourself. These documents can be sent to (please be sure to include your full name in the email). Your application will not be complete unless these documents have been submitted. To be considered for a scholarship, please ensure you complete both the application and scholarship form. There is no application fee.

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