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Research Methods Program 2023

DEADLINE: 10 April 2023

The Research Methods Program is the flagship program of the Leaders of Africa Institute. To date, the program has welcomed over 300 Scholars and Fellows over the course of five years.

The Research Methods Program offers personalized mentorship, rigor and advanced methodological skills, and a supportive international research community. The program is open to all fields from public health to social science and is in a live virtual format accessible anywhere.

Scholars and Fellows learn how to use advanced software, including R, Python, and NVivo, and complete an impact project that comes from the research at the Institute. As part of the program, Scholars and Fellows have the opportunity to participate in the Research Accelerator that provides media, tech, and professional support to all Scholars accepted into the program.

Program Format

Live Virtual Cloud Classroom (~3 hours per week) for four months that include three separate courses:

  • Research Design

  • Advanced Quantitative Methods

  • Survey Research, Advanced Techniques, and Design Thinking

The program also involves personal meetings with professors and an advanced methods workshop series.

Application Requirements

To complete the application, you will need the following materials:

  • Curriculum vitae/ resume (one PDF of up to 5 MB)

  • Statement of Interest (1,000 words maximum). Your Statement of Interest should include:

    • What are your research, thematic, and professional interests and relevant professional background?

    • What shaped your interests?

    • What do you hope to learn from the Research Methods Program at the Leaders of Africa Institute?

    • What are your career goals?

    • How will the Research Methods Program help you achieve your career and educational goals?


Applications are now open for the Research Methods Program 2023. Research and social impact have an important role today. Disruptions to global food and energy systems, economic instability, increasing burdens on public health systems, education achievement gaps, the acceleration of climate change, persistent political polarization, and conflict are just some of the challenges we face in 2023. Research is a force for social impact in confronting these challenges.

The Research Methods Program is the flagship program of the Leaders of Africa Institute. The program provides advanced training in cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative methods, including statistical software R and several tools for implementing rigorous research designs. The program is open to all fields and to all applicants based on the African continent AND internationally. The distinguished Research Methods Program is designed to meet the skills and intellectual demands of our present time. Each accepted applicant receives an Impact Scholarship in support of their research.

Learn more about the program, the Impact Scholarship available to accepted applicants, and download the Official Program Guide here

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