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Free TEFL/TESOL Certified Online Course

TEFL-TeacherRecord is the official TEFL provider based in China. With an understanding of the overall trend and detailed requirements of the English education field, our courses focus on inspiring our graduates to teach English with an exploring attitude and open-minded class strategies. Courses are fully accredited and recognized by a good number of language schools, which says a lot for the legalisation of our certificates and how it is used in connection with international teaching applications. Our goal is to make the whole English education industry prosper with excellent TEFL teachers so that more and more students will flourish and have positive life experiences on the world stage. No matter where you are, it's the right time to access our online training!

Features of 120-Hour TEFL-TeacherRecord

  • Internationally recognized

  • Fully online! Study online anytime and anywhere

  • 12-month access to online campus (No restrict of time to start course)

  • 100 percent at no charge and permanently valid

  • Help in finding TEFL Jobs online and abroad

Course Entry Requirements for 120-Hour TEFL Certificate

  • Ability to communicate clearly and fluently in English

  • Nationality of a native country not required

  • University degrees not required

Introduction of 120-Hour TEFL Course

  • 120-Hour certificates can be legalized, notarized and / or apostilled for international visa application purposes (including for China). On successful completion of the course, you will be qualified to teach English internationally. We offer you the opportunity to specialize in your chosen field of teaching English.

  • The aim of 120-Hour TEFL Course is designed to cover every aspect of teaching English from planning your first lesson to applying for your firstJob abroad

  • Your Certificate will be issued instantly after you complete your course online.

Course breakdown

  • Lessons planning

  • Teaching Receptive skill: Listening and Reading

  • Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing

  • Teaching English Grammar

  • Classroom Survival Tips

  • Teaching children

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