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The King Scholars Program seeks low-income students from developing nations who are interested in alleviating poverty in their home countries. At Dartmouth, King Scholars receive 4-year scholarships and extensive mentoring and leadership training. Upon graduation, they return home to tackle poverty issues, supported by Dartmouth’s alumni network.


Full Scholarships to Dartmouth King Scholars attend Dartmouth for four years at no cost to students or their families. This includes health insurance, a new computer in the first year, and annual travel between Dartmouth and the student’s home country.

Strong Support King Scholars receive pre-orientation support and mentoring services to help with the transition to college and ongoing academic mentoring throughout their Dartmouth careers. All King Scholars are part of the First Year Student Enrichment Program, an intensive experience that prepares students to handle many of the challenges they will face during the course of their first year. They are also part of a supportive and close-knit community of fellow Scholars and students.

How to Apply If you are interested in becoming a King Scholar, please apply to Dartmouth. All eligible international applicants to Dartmouth will be considered for the King Leadership Scholar program. There is no special application; instead, each applicant must complete The Common Application. Learn more about applying to Dartmouth.

Applicants to Dartmouth who are interested in the King Leadership Scholar program are also encouraged to send an additional recommendation from a mentor, teacher, advisor, community leader, friend or clergy member through the Recommend a Scholar portal. SCHOLAR PROFILE

The King Scholars Program looks for students who are:

  • Involved in their communities

  • Passionate about creating positive change

  • Interested in alleviating poverty in their own countries

  • Capable of succeeding at a top U.S. university

  • Driven to succeed in whatever they do

  • Proficient in English

The Dartmouth Admissions Office selects students for this special honor who embody the vision of the program, including a commitment to alleviating poverty, a record of academic excellence, and a passion for global issues.



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