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The University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship provides funding to support doctoral students studying at the University of Otago. The Scholarship is available to both domestic and international students. Candidates for professional doctorates, as well as the PhD, are welcome to apply. Applicants must usually be seeking to obtain their first doctoral qualification.

A doctoral or Master’s scholarship may be awarded with full-time or part-time tenure. Part- time tenure will only be granted in cases where full-time study is not practicably possible and where the candidate can demonstrate that they are particularly well prepared for part-time study.

During tenure of the scholarship, the candidate must undertake research in Dunedin or at the University of Otago, Christchurch or University of Otago, Wellington.

Tenure of a doctoral scholarship is for three full-time years (or part-time equivalent), or until the thesis is submitted (whichever period is the shorter), subject to the provision of satisfactory annual Progress Reports by the Department in which the student is registered. For candidates in professional doctorates, tenure may also cover periods of coursework prior to and after the thesis enrolment period, but will not exceed three years.


Doctoral and research Masters’ scholarships consist of the following components for the tenure of the scholarship, unless the attached Schedule specifies otherwise:

a) A tuition fee waiver at the domestic rate for the degree for which the scholarship is given.

b) Should a student by way of government policy become subject to international tuition fees during scholarship tenure, the student will be responsible to pay the tuition fee costs over and above the tuition fee waiver at the domestic rate.

c) For students studying on campus in New Zealand, or with approved distance study in New Zealand, a living allowance paid in equal monthly installments for the tenure period of the Scholarship.

d) International doctoral students approved partial tenure for commencement overseas (under Regulation 4(g)ii) shall only be eligible for a monthly living allowance upon the conclusion of remote study and their arrival on campus in New Zealand.


In the case of an applicant for a doctoral scholarship who has completed a Master’s degree by papers and thesis (at least 0.75 EFTS), the grades of all relevant2 advanced level papers counting towards the award of the degree and the thesis will be taken into account. An explanation of the time taken for completion of the thesis may be requested and considered by the Scholarships and Prize.

In the case of an applicant for a scholarship without a Master’s degree including a thesis, the grades of all relevant2 advanced level papers counting towards the award of the applicant’s most relevant degree will be taken into account.

In the case of applicants whose prior qualifications have been awarded by other universities, the University shall calculate a GPA score using what it considers to be the most relevant2 papers and grades provided on the applicant’s academic transcripts.

Unless otherwise stated in these conditions or within the schedule, Doctoral and Masters’ scholarships are open only to Domestic Fee Paying Students.3 International candidates studying for professional doctorates are eligible to apply but if awarded a scholarship the tuition fee waiver will be capped at the domestic rate.

In the case of applicants for a doctoral scholarship, confirmation of the scholarship is dependent on approval of their application for admission to the relevant doctoral programme and completion of the enrolment procedure.


Applications for scholarships are made online through the University’s website. An invitation to apply for scholarships is sent once an application for admission to the relevant qualification is complete. Applications may be made at any time and should normally accompany the application for admission to the relevant qualification. Where an applicant is completing a Master’s degree which includes enrolment in papers prior to enrolment in a thesis, application should normally be made following completion of those papers. An invitation will be sent when enrolment in the thesis component of the Master’s degree is completed.


For further information about the application, please contact the Scholarships Office at the University of Otago email

The address to which applicants must send their academic qualifications for evaluation is:

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. P.O. Box 514070 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203-3470 USA Telephone: + 414-289-3400 Facsimile: +414-289-3411



The evaluation may be applied for via the ECE website address, followed by the hardcopy of the academic qualifications by post. AN ECE will not be required for determining eligibility for a scholarship but may be needed by the University’s International Office for admission to the University (a separate process to the scholarship application).

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