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The Ellison Scholars programme features project-based learning with mentorship by world experts. The Scholars will work collaboratively with other Scholars and EIT Faculty to solve problems that matter to humankind. The Scholars programme fully funds course fees at the University of Oxford, and includes a generous stipend to cover all living expenses. It will prepare Scholars to become global technology innovators and leaders of the future.

The scholarship programme represents the opportunity of a lifetime and is both academic and entrepreneurial. Scholars will benefit from fully-funded undergraduate or graduate study at the University of Oxford with a uniquely generous stipend that also covers the equivalent of innovation internships. Ellison Scholars will work on EIT innovation projects using technology advancements to solve real-world, global problems in the following areas:

  • medical science and healthcare

  • food security and sustainable agriculture,

  • clean energy and climate change, and

  • government policy and economics. 

They will work in collaboration with each other and with the EIT Faculty Fellows – researchers, engineers and world leaders. More content will be published in the coming weeks, but we wanted to invite you to a Zoom Information Session to give you advance notice of programme updates, the people we are looking for and as an opportunity for any questions you might have. We’ll be holding Zoom Information Sessions on the dates listed below (listed in UK times). If you’d like to attend one, please click on the relevant link to book your place. 

Wednesday 21 February 2024 | 9am - 10am GMT(

Wednesday 28 February 2024 | 9am - 10am GMT (

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Feb 27

What a site! I like what you guys are doing about disseminating such information. It really is helpful to future leaders😎!!! Big Ups!!

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