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MEXT Scholarship for 2022 - Research Students

Deadline: 24 May 2021


The Monbukagskusho Scholarship (also known as Monbusho Scholarship, MEXT Scholarship or Japanese Government Scholarship) is the dream of thousands of students worldwide. Established in 1954 and offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), it is a scholarship that covers full tuition and very generous monthly stipend for accepted students to attend internationally respected universities in Japan, pursue their academic interests, and receive degrees and qualifications in their respective studies. To date, more than 75,000 students from approximately 160 countries have received this prestigious scholarship and studied at top universities in Japan


You must be under 35 years of age and a college graduate (includes prospective graduates). Or you must have completed 16 years of schooling. Minimum of a Bachelors degree required.


Those wishing to apply for a scholarship should meet one of the criteria listed below:

  1. Recommended by a Japanese embassy or consulate general (Embassy Recommendation).

  2. Recommended by the Japanese university which will accept you (University Recommendation).


Recruitment for those arriving in Japan in April 2022 or September/October 2022 is made between April and May of the previous year. First screening is conducted between May and July by the Japanese Embassies or Consulates General. As the application process and specific schedule differ according to the country of your nationality, please inquire the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your country for details. DO NOT send any application documents directly to MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in Japan.

List of Websites of Japanese Embassies, Consulates General



Applicants MUST read through the Application Guidelines below and follow the instructions. Application Forms along with Certificate of Health, and Recommendation Letter should be submitted to the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country. These documents can be printed out and filled in by hand-written, typed out, or filled in with software applications and printed out. filled out by

Qualifying Examinations for Applicants for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships - Past Examination Questions 2014, 2015, 2016

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