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The Bertha Centre at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) is offering 3 full MBA scholarships and 5 full MPHIL scholarships for 2023 to enable purpose - driven people to strengthen their social and systems justice impact. The Bertha Scholarship covers full or partial costs of the MBA (both full-time and the modular programme) and MPhil in Inclusive Innovation programmes at the UCT GSB. Bertha Scholars are selected on the basis of their track record of social justice, innovation and entrepreneurialism in their work experience, eligibility for the programme of their choice at the UCT GSB, character, and capacity that the scholarship will catalyse their trajectory and careers.


The Bertha Centre seeks to provide scholarships to individuals who aren’t focused solely on advancing their career, but on using the degree as a catalyst for the impact of their own work.

The Bertha Centre supports students financially so they’re able to take time off work to study, and we bring them access to these networks, and build what really is a blossoming community of entrepreneurs across the continent. The goal is to support research that is focused on social innovation that is for socio-economic justice.

The Bertha Centre strives to ensure the incoming cohort represents a diversity of experience, language, race, and gender - an alumni network that is representative of a diverse set of viewpoints, perspectives and experiences in broader society.

Recognising the interest in building a scholar community and network of alumni across the continent as a progression of the Scholarship Programme, the Bertha Centre has invested in community events that seek to address scholars’ needs. Being a Bertha Scholar is about joining a collective, as much as it is about propelling your own professional and personal trajectory.

Prospective Bertha Scholars could look forward to joining a community of over 100 Scholars and Alumni who make up a mutually supportive and resourceful network of change-makers. This community continues to grow and evolve, becoming an empowering launch pad for anyone wishing to engage in systemic change and social innovation allied with a like-minded community.


The Scholarship Committee is looking for candidates with a strong moral character, strong entrepreneurial drive, a track record of action, leadership qualities, traits of social activism and a commitment to the sustainable development of emerging economies.


These scholarships offer a rare opportunity to African leaders, social innovators and entrepreneurs to study at Africa’s leading business school, to gain exposure to innovative study programmes and projects and to meet and engage with some of the continent’s most exciting and interesting entrepreneurs, changemakers, academics and leaders of business and civil society. Anyone interested in applying for a Bertha Scholarship should indicate so as part of their application to the GSB programmes. The Bertha Scholarship application is integrated into the GSB’s comprehensive scholarship application form as part of the candidates online application process.

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