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IEEE Smart Village Next Generation (ISVx) Student Paper Competition 2021

Topic: Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Africa – Technology, Applications, Benefits and Challenges

Deadline: June 22, 2021

The optimal availability, accessibility and use of water, energy and food is essential to attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Africa by 2050. Water, energy and food (WEF) are greatly interdependent on one another in their production, transportation, operation and use globally. For instance, water is needed in the production, processing, transportation, consumption and digestion of food. It is also needed in the production and transportation of different forms of energy. According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, food production and its supply chain constitutes about 30% of global energy consumption, and takes up about 70% of global freshwater. Furthermore, energy is needed to produce, process, transport, package and distribute food as well as to pump, treat, collect, transport and lift water.

The quality and quantity of energy deployed for use in Africa can as well limit the quality and quantity of food and water supply on the continent. However, an undesired WEF nexus in Africa would greatly constrain good health and human well-being, poverty eradication, food security, affordability of WEF, economic development, environmental sustainability, sustainable development, etc. Hence, the need for researchers to bring to the open their recent research, developments, and discoveries on the WEF nexus in Africa towards a safe, developed and sustainable Africa for the present, and posterity irrespective of location of residence (urban or rural) and gender.


You can prepare your paper in Microsoft Word or LaTeX format. Kindly download the appropriate Transaction/Journal template for your paper at:


  • Category A: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students

  • Category B: High school students


All authors must be currently registered at an institution of learning at the time of submitting the paper


  • Individual paper

  • Group paper with a maximum of four authors

Length of paper: 5 – 10 pages


Kindly note that the links above only accept PDF document. Only one submission is required in the case of a group paper. Submission using the wrong category’s link disqualifies you from the competition


To support the formation of IEEE ISVx Student Branches (ISVx-SBs) in institutions of learning, the following financial awards shall be given to the winners and their host institutions:

1. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Category

First Place: Student award: $400; Host institution award: $500

Second Place: Student award: $300; Host institution award: $400

Third Place: Student award: $200; Host institution award: $300

2. High School Category

First Place: Student award: $125; Host institution award: $250

Second Place: Student award: $100; Host institution award: $200

Third Place: Student award: $75; Host institution award: $150

  • Plaque shall be presented to the winners during the conference.

  • Letters of award shall also be sent to the host institution/department/research centre where the winners are currently attending.

  • Award winning papers shall be published in IEEE Power and Energy Magazine or IEEE Industry Applications Magazine.

  • Winners are expected to start ISVx-SBs at their institutions of learning where such do not exist already.

For further enquiries please contact: Avoki- or Mary-

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