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The University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) invites applications for Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in the following areas:

• Cardiac research

• Cancer research

• Infectious diseases research

• Open category: any research area in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Applicants should not be registered for study towards any degree at the time of assuming the fellowship. Preference will be given to applicants whose research interests are aligned with the Faculty’s strategic research objectives: refer to the faculty research strategy document for more information:

Strong emphasis will be placed on the merit of the applicant and the quality of the research proposal. Applications for projects hosted in under-resourced research groupings, as well as for translational research projects, are encouraged. Applicants should submit a research proposal developed with a suitable scientific host. For information on the Faculty of Health Sciences and its research activities, see

The following conditions apply:

• Applicants who were awarded their PhD degree no earlier than December 2017 are eligible

• Applicants who have not yet obtained their PhD but have official proof that their PhD thesis has been examined and approved by the submission deadline of 15 December are eligible.

• Only one application may be submitted per individual

• Preference may be given to South African citizens

• Applicants should not be in academic or research posts already.

• Applicants may not have held any previous professional or academic posts

• Successful candidates will be expected to spend most of their time undertaking the proposed research but may be required to participate in limited teaching duties as part of professional development.

• Successful candidates will not be expected to perform any service to the host department in return for the Fellowship.

• Fellowships are awarded for one year. Applications for renewal for one further year will be considered, in competition with new applications.

• The Fellowship may not be held concurrently with any other formal fellowship. Holders of such fellowships that are renewable for 2022 are ineligible for the FHS Fellowship.

• The Fellowship must be taken up by end of March 2022.

• Fellows will be required to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Cape Town, and a Memorandum of Understanding with their research host.

• Fellows will be required to comply with the University of Cape Town’s approved policies, procedures and practices for the postdoctoral sector.

There are no fringe benefits, thus, the successful candidate is responsible for his or her own medical aid and insurance arrangements. Tax-free status will be arranged with the South African Revenue Services.

Enquiries and completed applications should be addressed to Ms Precious Nobongoza:

The University of Cape Town reserves the right to: disqualify ineligible, incomplete and/or inappropriate applications; change the conditions of award or to make no awards at all.

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