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All applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PS Office, MBABANE by Friday 8 April 2022 at noon.

Please download the application forms:

Morocco Scholarship Application Forms
Download PDF • 1.54MB

Download PDF • 5.35MB

The Kingdom of Morocco has offered 15 (fifteen) scholarships to Universities in Morocco for the 2022/2023 academic year scheduled to commence in September 2022. Non-French-speaking students, including Eswatini students, are required to undergo French language classes at Alliance Francaise for an intensive language program organised by AMCI starting May 1st 2022, at the latest. In addition, the Embassy is pleased to inform that AMCI will provide the curriculum and will also cover the cost of the language program at Alliance Francaise in Mbabane, Eswatini for the 15 selected candidates.

Upon completion of the French language program, achievement certificates of the concerned students will be forwarded to AMCI for final selection in order to finalise their enrollment at their respective Universities.

The Embassy has been apprised that, students eligible to apply for the scholarship must be in possession of High School Certificate/Diploma, they must have completed during the 2020/2021 academic year, and must not be above the age 20 years.

Due to the prevailing situation of the pandemic and subsequent State of Health Emergency in Morocco since March 20m 2020, the accommodation capacity in university dormitories has been reduced by 50%, which does not make it possible for AMCI to meet the housing demands of new foreign students, as such, new students are required to find their own accommodation upon their arrival in Morocco. However, in preliminary discussions, AMCI has assured the Embassy that special provisions may be made in favour of Eswatini students depending on the evolution of the pandemic in Morocco.


Students must download the application form on They must submit the completed form together with this information:

  1. Certified photocopies of high school results

  2. Certified photocopy of high school certificate

  3. Certified photocopy of birth certificate

  4. Certified photocopy of passport if available

  5. Police clearance report

  6. Medical clearance certificate by a public health service attesting to the physical fitness of the candidate, and certifying that he/she is vaccinate and not suffering from any contagious or acute disease

  7. Recent ID pictures in colour with candidate name and nationality written on the back

  8. Candidates for masters degrees or doctoral degrees ,must provide in addition to the aforementioned documents, certified copies of their higher education diplomas, marks transcripts and curricula, as well as a dissertation / thesis copy of their end studies


  1. University Mohammed V - Souissi Rabat

    1. Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy: General Medicine, Pharmacy,

    2. Faculty of Dental Medicine: Dental Medicine

    3. Faculty of Science: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences

    4. Faculty of Science and Technology: IT, Physics, Maths, Biology, Geography, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

    5. Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences: public law, private law

    6. Faculty of Economics and Management: Economic Science, Business Management

  2. Hassania School of Public Works: Management of Transport Systems

  3. Mohammed School of Engineering: civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, mining engineering, information engineering,

  4. National School of Agriculture: Agronomy, Animal Production, Technical Science of Fruit Production

  5. National School of Commerce and Management: International Business Trade, Marketing, Communication, Finance,

  6. National School of Forestry Management: General Forestry, Forestry Management, MAnagement of National PArks, Geomatics of Natural Resources

  7. National School of Applied Science

  8. National School of the Arts

  9. National School of Electrical Engineering

  10. National School of Information Science

  11. National School of Public Health

  12. National School of Translation

  13. Institute for the study of:

    1. Agriculture

    2. Islamic Studies

    3. Veterinary Studies

    4. Horticulture

    5. Nursing

    6. Public Service

    7. Mines

    8. Beauty Arts

    9. Post and Telecommunications

    10. Archaeology

    11. Statistics and Applied Economics

    12. Maritime Studies

    13. International Tourism

    14. Applied IT

All applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PS Office, MBABANE by Friday 8 April 2022 at noon.

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